Uxbridge’s First Day Of Spring

Welcome to New England’s idea of the first day of Spring! We are being reminded of who is really in charge. A snow storm is rolling through the area as I write this post, dumping 4-8 inches of fresh snow on our green grass. I took a drive in it this morning for breakfast at McDonald’s and my little SmartCar climbed right up our driveway and onto the street without a single slip. It only took me about 5 minutes to brush the snow off the car. It wasn’t as wet and heavy as predicted so I left a bit for the 3 wipers on the car to handle.

It’s not unusual to get late Winter snow storms here but last week it was in the mid 70s so some let their guard down. Forecasters kept trying to guess what the outcome would be and there were many changes during the week. The last I heard before heading for bed last night was less than an inch of accumulation. Wrong! We got at least 4″-6″ and it’s still snowing at 9:00 a.m..

I’m using some familiar landmarks around the house as comparisons to previous storms. That picnic table in the backyard shows nearly 6″ on its top. There is no wind to speak of so it’s an accurate measurement of the damage done. The roads aren’t bad at all as the plows were out early, anticipating rush hour traffic. The snow is continuing to fall so beware the slippery surface.

Back Deck #2

Backyard Measuring Table.jpg

Jeep First Day Of Spring


5 thoughts on “Uxbridge’s First Day Of Spring

  1. Hey, we here in Southern Illinois also got a snow storm on the first day of spring. I was on my way to church and what had been spitting snowflakes as I left became a huge snowstorm as I progressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such big flakes, and the ground and trees I were passing was becoming white within minutes. But by the time I got to church — some 35 miles farther north from my house — there was no snow at all. Go figure. And we didn’t get anymore accumulation after that — thank the Lord.

    • I was still living in Portland, OR one day when we had a similar snowstorm with flakes the size of potato chips. I rushed home from McDonald’s and grabbed my camera so I could record the size of those flakes. I still have that picture somewhere. Our snow has all but melted as the sun is out and it’s 36 degrees. The driveway is down to asphalt already when we started with 5″ or more 5 hours ago. Weird!

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