Artsy Fartsy Flower Renderings

I always try and use the word renderings in my post where I’ve gotten creative with my photographs. They are meant to look like artwork rather than a literal photograph. Some of my favorite editing filters get called upon to pull this off as I dabble with the original. Sometimes I’m really pleased with the results and other times I accept that I don’t know it all and use the experience as a learning tool as I move on.

The picture below was taken with my 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 zoom lens. I put my macro extension tube behind it to allow me to fill the frame while really blurring the background to soft colors and shapes. The extension tube also allows me to get much closer to the subject than I would normally get, in this case about half as close. The flowers themselves are artificial so I removed enough detail to make them look like a pastel chalk rendering. I then added just enough edge treatment to make it all pop. I like the results.

Table Flowers For Easter



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