How Happy Can You Be?

What a fun day we had at the Uxbridge Senior Center! There were guests bearing gifts, visitors offering free hugs and a great meal fixed by our chef, Lynne McPherson. I took plenty of pictures as everyone was in a cheerful mood as the staff, complete with bunny ears, waited on them.

Easter 2016




2 thoughts on “How Happy Can You Be?

  1. What a fun time. Now we are staying in Mary’s duplex while she is on vacation. Our 2 dogs and 1 cat were at PetSmart Hotel for 2 weeks while our floors were being done. Wow over $1300 which is about what we expected. It was 2 dangerous for them to be at home…were at home 6 nights and 8 nights before that in a hotel, The work they are doing is so beautiful. Bamboo floors aren’t much more expensive than Pergo. New baseboards and YEAH new inside doors. Of course there have been challenges. The pocket door that separated the livingroom from the library has always been a pain in the BUTT. So now it is a regular door which we think will be much better. The laundry bathroom is having major issues that are going to be fixed right. We had a less expensive option. We didn’t buy food this paycheck so we have the money to do it. I saw the sewing room closet door on the truck to go to the dump. Boss Dan said do you want me to put it back I said NO. Rebecca said he was looking out for me. I kept looking in the room to see how nice the new 6 panel door looked. Saba painted 3 doors today. He is a perfectionist as are many of the workers. We have a new tile hearth put in and the worker is from Itly and what a beautiful job he did.. We had an extra $875 for OSB wafer board being put in. We had to go down to the sub floor because there was particle board. We’re having bamboo floors and they are so beautiful. We’re working with a great company that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like many do and they have their own workers. There was a squeak in the hall after they used a lot of nails. Then they took about a 6 ft. section out and used liquid nails…no squeak.
    All our stuff was basically in the librry…a 300 sq. ft. roo m and stuff int he living room. Some furniture is back in place. Of course everkything has to be cleaned. The other night and early am I did 7 loads of laundry and put the clothes o n plastic bags. Such adventures. Our floors were so terrible and lots of different heights. NO more, they are level. A number of things that we had other people do has had to be done over correctly and we are very happy about that. There is no unnecessary work and a number of things are being done with no charge.
    It feels good to have access to the computer and internet again.

    • Wow, you’ve had an exciting time recently! My sister, Barb, had Bamboo flooring put down in her 4 bedroom ranch style house recently and loves it. She’s been working as a home health caretaker to afford these repairs. Her husband passed away about two years ago forcing her to refinance her house and return to work at 76 years old. She will be getting married to Steve who she met 6 months after her husband, Joe’s, passing. I want to make a roadtrip to South Carolina to meet him. It’s been about 11 years since I last saw my sister.

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