Lady In The Scarf Editing

Every now and then I like to put up a post showing you before and after comparisons using my original RAW file capture next to the finished, edited image. Some of this editing takes a long time because I’m turning a quick grab snapshot into a framable portrait. I edit every image I take because I exclusively shoot in RAW format go give me all the information captured in that frame. The camera does no editing. When shooting indoors under fluorescent lighting there’s a color balance correction to cool down the original file. I know this going in so rather than using a flash unit that is harsh and blows out color saturation I choose to always shoot from available light and correct for any color shift in post processing.

As you can see I eliminated all the distracting elements from the original and cropped the image for composition. I removed items from the background and applied a vignette to highlight the young lady. She is one of the senior center’s regular volunteers who does such an excellent job.

Pretty Lady 01 Edit

Pretty Lady 01



5 thoughts on “Lady In The Scarf Editing

  1. Hello Bob. It is good to hear about your editing. That is essentially what I do also, except that most of my portraits are taken outside. I crop and tone down distractions in the background, but don’t completely eliminate them when I take them into Lightroom for editing. This is a lovely portrait of the young senior center member. Have a Happy Easter.

    • I haven’t been back to the center since this was taken. They were closed for Good Friday and are never open on weekends. I’ll bring in the processed shots Monday and give them to you worker who does the bulletin, website & publicity for the center, Gail.

  2. Loved the portrait. Happy Easter. WE are sleeping at our house but still can’t find a thing, literally. Laundry bath floor will be torn out tomorrow.

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