Our Master Videographer

William Albin is the videographer at the Uxbridge Senior Center. During each posted event he comes with his bag of gear, sets it all up, and digitally records what’s happening. He then posts the footage to YouTube so that everybody can view it.

William Albin 05

William Albin 01


4 thoughts on “Our Master Videographer

  1. Who is having the most fun!!!!! I love photos like this. At a rest stop last week I took a photo of a grandfather/granddaughter with a Harley. They were a Christian biker club members staffing the coffee cookies for us travelers. I had a lot of fun talking with them. For safe keeping my cameras and Scott’s computers are in a closet at my neighbors. Our workers are incredibly honest but why push it. One found a nickel and I offered it to them saying “finders keepers”. They wouldn’t take it. I put it on the mantel and I put it away a couple days later.
    Dan Boss was very annoyed about the crack in the bathroom that one of the workers did. He was really ANNOYED…they are replacing the whole floor at their expense. He said if the worker doesn’t fess up he’s going to lose his job. He fessed up and all is well. I wonder if Dan didn’t know I was a quilter and VERY color/shade conscious would he replacae the floor or patch it the best he could. I told him about it right away and he was glad to know. I also told him it wasn’t fixable…like glue it because too much damage was done. I think we should be back to our house about Thurs. WE are at Mary’s doing a wash and watching TV. Zap the cat is living in the office but can be out when we are here. We’re sleeping at our house but it’s impossible to cook. The Bath/shower is still accessible, but no internet or tv. Scott is so sweet. He’s taking off tomorrow so I can get to my mammogram at 7:15 am and our acupuncture appoints early eve.

    • Imagine my last 6 months without a kitchen, washing dishes in the bathroom vanity sink. I hope it won’t be too long until I’m in my own apartment. I’m hanging in there.

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