Flower of the Day – March 30, 2016 – Bleeding Heart

Following Cee’s lead I’m posting a collection of photographs taken at the Oregon Zoo. I’d never seen Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts before so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph them where they were planted along the zoo’s pathway.

Bleeding Hearts


8 thoughts on “FLOWER OF THE DAY – MARCH 30, 2016 – BLEEDING HEARTS

  1. Hi Bob. I’ve nominated you for the Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. All you have to do is post a nature photograph each day for 7 days and each day nominate someone else to take part in the challenge as well. Wanna play? Judy

    • Lol. Thanks but considering I just moved yesterday and only have access to wifi at McDonald’s I’ll have to pass. Thanks for considering me though. My cable guy comes Friday.

      • What would you do without McDonald’s? It has been a recurring theme in your life since we “met.” Good luck in your new digs. No little dogs to jump up and keep company, I bet.

      • So far it’s mostly quiet. I can hear folks next to met watching TV but it’s not overly loud. I just have good hearing. There’s a leftover smoke smell especially in my bathroom from the previous tenants. There’s not exhaust fan in the bathroom that could explain that smell. I’m very sensitive to odors, especially smoke residue due to my congestive heart failure. I’ll bring it up to my apartment manager when she visits me for my initial impressions. Other than that I’m tickled with my new home.

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