Easter Service Easter Lily

Easter 2016 is behind us now but not the memories of the celebration of our Savior’s rising. That single act offered salvation to mankind so I’d say it was significant. The church was packed and decorate with lilies everywhere. The following week some of these flowers were donated to the Senior Center in Uxbridge. So many that everyone in attendance was able to take one potted lily home. I donated mine back to the center and someone else took it home. I’m in between homes right now as I wait for a housing unit offer from the housing association here in Uxbridge. I’d like to publically thank Marilyn & Garry Armstrong for their gracious hospitality these past 6 months.

Easter Lily 01 2016

Doris Koopman Easter 2016


5 thoughts on “Easter Service Easter Lily

    • I’m up against two late snowstorms Sunday and all day Monday first. The earliest that I can hear anything more about my new apartment is Monday afternoon. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting my own place.

  1. lovely and hope that housing unit comes available quickly although you have had such wonderful hosts.

    • Read up granny. I got the housing unit last Tuesday and am already living in it. It’s wonderful. I publically thanked Marilyn & Garry for making me feel like part of their family.

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