Medicare Fraud Education

The seniors of Uxbridge were in attendance at a luncheon today that had medicare fraud prevention at its core. We were given examples of phone calls that attempt to take advantage of senior citizens by offering them products to ease their pain or claim to be something they’re not.

The presentation was led by Kelsey Crawley, an SMP Program Assistant. Also in attendance to support this agency of the government was chief Lourie of the Uxbridge police department.

The seniors in attendance at the popular Friday fish luncheon received plenty of literature to take home with them that included names, addresses and contact information on a number of government agencies that offer help with medicare, medicaid fraud. We were encouraged to let the appropriate agency know of all perceived illegal activity and to question all medical charges that are out of place. Medicare fraud costs the taxpayer billions of dollars each year.

Kelsey Crawley 01

Chief Laurie 04

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