The Move – Progress Report

OK, we’re starting day 2 in my new(to me) public housing unit at Calumet Court in Uxbridge, MA. Half way into the night’s sleep I simply had to get up, grab my tape measure and start rearranging furniture. I turned my new queen size Fox airbed 90 degrees counterclockwise and gained 20″ of extra space in front of my iMac desktop computer without interfering with the back door. Success! Now I can put one of the two kitchen chairs that are arriving along with my new kitchen table.

The new microwave I ordered will be delivered today. Early this morning I travelled the short distance to Koopman Lumber/Hardware to get a half sheet of 5/8″ plywood cut up into two 20″ x36″ pieces that will be used to support my new 32″ Roku TV as well as my new microwave. Total cost, $8.50. I’ll be using the hard shell Rubbermaid moving boxes funder those plywood sheets I had cut. Cheap furniture! πŸ™‚

The only issue I have with the apartment thus far is the smell of cigarette smoke in the bathroom. There’s no exhaust fan in there so that accounts for the buildup by the previous tenants. I’ll mention it to the manager when she comes by for the initial inspection. If she can’t/won’t fix it I’ll see if Fabreeze will.

I still have at least 4 items on the way to me that includes a 5 piece set of TV trays. You know the ones, butcher block wood with carrying stand. The will all get put to good use as support for my laser printer, TV table and lamp tables.

That’s it for now! I have everything unpacked already and put away where I can find everything. I do have lots of storage space in this unit. More news to follow….. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “The Move – Progress Report

    • They will be forthcoming. So much going on. So much stuff in the mail. So much donated furniture still to be delivered and set up. It’s an exciting time for sure! Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? LOL

  1. HI Bob, I’m glad for the progress report!!! We had a neighbor take care of our animals a couple years ago. We said NO SMOKING. Well maybe he didn’t smoke but he smelled so much of smoke that the sewing room where he slept in the IKEA sofe chair smelled terrible. SO I got some spray stuff from Home Depot that is made of this sort of thing specifically. It along with fans in the room took the smell out. It took several days but it worked.

    I’ve had yukky smells in a couple closets; the sewing room closet, hall closet and linen closet. I got determined now that I’m “Moving” back. I sprayed the closets with Lysol (I don’t like the smell) then with that the heavy duty fabrize. Then I placed a fan in the closet for several hours. IT WORKED no more yukky smell.

    When I was at St. Luke’s/San Lucas the sacristry where we put our vestments on smelled very yuckky. SO before my service I would open the outside door. I especially like it when it was windy to move the air around. Eventually, I got most of the smell out and it made it more pleasant for everyone. I bet the room hadn’t been aired out forever, maybe the 1930’s.

    You are doing great. Do you have nice neighbors?

    Adventure here is done we take over the check this am.



    • It’s been raining hard for days so I’ve only talked very briefly with my neighbors. I will do a bit of Internet research on the best product to eliminate that smoke odor.

  2. Vinegar also works for the cigarette smell. Put out a dish of vinegar near the smell (in the bathroom) and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it down the sink, and both the cigarette and vinegar smells disappear. I would caution against trying all of the above at the same time.

  3. Who knew there were so many ways to get rid of smoke odors. Sounds like a unique approach to home furnishing, too.

    • I’ve always been the practical German male. Function over form works for me. It’s one reason I love IKEA. Their simplistic design in furniture is beautiful to me.

  4. Years ago I moved into an apartment where the people had smoked, and we noticed that a lot of the cigarette smoke and nicotine had built up on places like the underside of the sink, shower curtains, and even the walls and tiles. Sometimes just a good scrubbing will eliminate a lot.

    But now for my question: How did I miss knowing you were moving?????? I didn’t think I’d missed your posts, but I must have. Did you tell us about this in an earlier post? But, anyway, I hope you really do like your new place.

    • I didn’t write about it much because I was living in the home of someone upset with the fact that I was getting a public housing unit and moving out of her house. Now that I’m gone I can create posts based on what’s happening in my life again, complete with pictures. I have a lot of setup to complete getting new furniture and accessories for my new “pad”. I’ll start taking pictures as that progresses.might now I don’t even own a chair or anything to sit on. LOL

  5. Looks like you got lots of suggestions fur da smell, but we’ll go ahead and add our 2 cents. MOL Mommy sez a piece of charcoal does wunners fur takin’ out da smell as does a bowl of vinegar left out fur a couple of days. Good luck. We’s not heard of this bed you got, but you do have some really nice things, so maybe it’s a really high end inflatable. Hope it stays up, mommy tried a inflatable bed once and by da time she woke up in da meownin’ da mattress was flat as a pancake. Sometimes you get what you pay fur. MOL

    Luv ya’


    • I did my homework on airbed before my purchase. This is just as comfortable as any mattress and box spring bed. What would you pay these days for a decent queen size bed? This Fox queen airbed, 60″ x80″ x25″ was just $140. Since I need all new furniture I thought I’d give this a try. So far I love it!

      • Dat’s a pawsum price. And we’s so glad it’s comfy. We magine they’ve come a long way from da original air beds dat mommy furst slept on. Hope you’re likin’ da new apartment.

        Luv ya’


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