A Simple Chair

I had to laugh at myself yesterday as I finished up my day by preparing a simple meal. I was physically sore from head to foot from all the carrying and straining I went through to move into my new apartment. It’s not the first time I’ve pulled off a move by myself but I’ve never been this old before. 🙂

When the simplest things in life are taken away how do we react, how do we cope? I had a plate of food and a cup of hot lemon Lipton tea in my hands. What I didn’t have was anything to sit on. No way was I going to be able to sit on a moving box. My furniture was still on a UPS truck and scheduled for delivery next Monday. I set the food down on an empty cardboard box and somehow made it to the hardwood floor below me. That in it’s own right took some doing.

At nearly 67 I’m not nearly as spry as I used to be, or flexible. I managed to touch the floor with one hand and basically fall the rest of the way. That hurt! I was already sore and after that decent I’d have a new sore spot. I slid my body over to a full suitcase and used it as a backrest. This is one of those ancient American Tourister hard clam like cases. I was tired enough that it would do nicely while I ate the food.

I had the two remote controls for my new Charter cable box and my new TCL Roku 32″ TV. The food, a bologna sandwich with a slice of Muenster cheese on a toasted onion bagel tasted pretty darn good going down. I watched a bit of TV, experimenting with the Roku menu that I was familiar with because I had a Roku 3 attached to my TV in Portland. I added a few channels to the custom channel menu and called it a day, satisfied that everything worked and that I had reaquainted myself with the process.

Now comes the fun part, getting up off that floor. When I was young my brother and I never sat on furniture but  preferred the hardwood floors of our house. We would twist our young flexible bodies, contorting to impossible angles that you can’t achieve when you’re 67. I tried the spider technique, with hands and feet pointed down to the floor and my butt pointed toward the ceiling I inched my way to a point where I could push off with my arms and catch my weight solely on my legs. I now looked like a track star sprinting away from the starting line. If I could only regain my balance before I ran into the closest wall. Ah, success, just in the nick of time I might add! It was a thing of beauty, never to be repeated again. LOL

My first chore Saturday morning was to drive to Whitinsville and buy a chair from Job Lots. Before leaving I made myself breakfast and ate it standing near the stove where the eggs on a toasted bagel were prepared. End of story! 🙂 I now own one patio folding chair.


4 thoughts on “A Simple Chair

  1. I so understand this post. My daughter moved into her first new home last weekend. They day she closed, we moved a few boxes in and there was nothing to sit on. I had to stand while she futzed around, and at my age that wasn’t easy. When she actually moved two days later, I took a desk chair over with me so I could wait for the appliance delivery while everyone else packed up her apartment. The first trip over, they brought the loveseat – yay! So I sat down. Only thing was, I didn’t realize the legs had been removed, and the couch was siting flat on the floor. I was happy that everyone else had left for the second trip before I tried to get up off that couch – because it took me a really long time to do so and basically entailed me sliding my ass onto the floor and then using the seat of the loveseat as leverage to get back to a kneeling position, and finally to standing. It’s hell getting old[er].

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