A 1st Peek At Bob’s New Pad

Thanks to some very generous members of Pleasant Street Church in Whitinsville, MA I now have all new living room furniture. The husband & wife teamed up using the cargo van they had available to haul all new to me furniture to my new apartment. It was so perfect I couldn’t have purchased it new and found a better match. My living room is pretty small yet the love seat, man chair and lamp table and TV cabinet fit perfectly. The colors matched the hardwood flooring as well. With their help and generosity I need nothing else to live a comfortable life in my new home.

A big whole hearted thank you to Steve & Ruth Haringa!

10 Calumet Living Room 01

10 Calumet Living Room 02


21 thoughts on “A 1st Peek At Bob’s New Pad

  1. Oh, Bob, its PERFECT! It’s plenty of room for your lifestyle, but not too much to keep clean. Did you manage to get the cigarette smell out of the bathroom? I was thinking that maybe just a good cleaning of the vent would go a long way to doing that. Of course, if it had a window, that would do wonders too, but so often the efficiency type of apartments don’t have bathroom windows that open. Anyway, everything matches so well and looks so cozy I know you’re going to love living there.

    • I discovered that I have a next door neighbor that smokes. Lot. I’m convinced that the ductwork in the bathroom is bringing her smoke into my bathroom. There are no smoking regulation in a senior housing facility so I’m going to have to live with it I suppose. With warmer weather coming I may me able to shut that duct off. I don’t know but I’ll check with my apartment manager.

      • Wow, there definitely ought to be some kind of remedy because some seniors who have lung problems would have their health seriously jeopardized by that. But I do know that Lysol air freshener says it destroys cigarette odor — even from things like drapes and upholstery where the smoke has been absorbed, so you might try that. I don’t know of any other air freshener that really does that.

      • My sister is somewhat of an expert and suggested I soak the ductwork with Lysol. It’s hard to complain when you’re the new kid on the block. Especially when you’re dealing with seniors fixed in their ways. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke since my congestive heart failure in 2006. I was a 3 pack a day smoker at the time and never touched another cigarette.

  2. Love it-especially the brick wall. So happy you have found such welcoming people and a lovely church here in Massachusetts. Enjoy your new home!

  3. Lovely and looks so comfortable. We bought a portable air purifier because of smoking neighbors and now the pot smoking neighbors. I think I would talk to my manager about the cigarette smell as it is illegal and the smoker needs to obey the law and be more considerate.

    • I’ve already talked to the complex’s manager and they do not have any restrictions on unit smoking. We me being brand new to the complex I’m not going to spit in Superman’s face. I’ll do what I can to lessen the 2nd hand smoke and close the bathroom door before bed. I may look into Fabreeze air cleaner as well as other commercial chemicals that are designed to tackle the problem.

  4. Your living room in beautiful and so comfy looking! I love the brick wall. Everything goes together just perfect! How close are you now to the Senior Center and those friends and good good sounding lunches at such a reasonable price? Now, when the Zoo there opens, your life will be complete! Except, you never did answer me about adding a cat! :o)

    • It would cost me $150 a year to own a cat here. That’s money I’m not willing to spend.

      I’m super busy these days, what with me starting classes in an accelerated course to join my church and a planned 2,000 mile road trip to South Carolina to attend my sister’s wedding. The senior center is just over a mile from my new apartment. I go there tomorrow, then to church for a class, followed by an appointment with a Charter Cable technician at 3:00 p.m.. Never a dull moment. I’ll be checking when opening day at the Southwick Zoo is shortly.

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