All Is Well

Yesterday was a good day. I had a great lunch at the senior center, a great membership meeting with two other prospective members and the pastor and a successful repair of my Charter Cable. All in all a good day. The new cable box originally installed less than a week ago had dropped dead. It happens which is why they offer warranties. It turned out to be the same technician who put the original equipment in a few days ago. He has a cheerful personality so we get along great. I told him what the problem was and was correct. I troubleshot electronics for 45 years before retiring so I had already narrowed down the possibilities. I was right this time. The technician offered me a job. LOL I declined!!!!

So that’s a wrap for this move. I’m in, everything works and thanks to my church I have a comfy living room. I’ll probably use my new convection oven for most cooking as the old GE oven in the unit has seen better days. I may look for a replacement oven temperature knob online or in a local appliance repair business, just so it will be usable should I wish to do so.

My airbed is very comfy as are the microfiber blankets. I’m cozy and warm. What else could one want?

I haven’t made any runaround sort of friends yet so having someone visit my new home is limited to cable guy for now. I joked with him that we’ve got to stop meeting like this however. He laughed and shook my hand on his way out the door.

Let the adventures begin. The Southwick Zoo opened back up April 9th. I have yet to visit there but may do so in the very near future. I’m tempted to go, pay the regular entrance fee for a senior and see what I think about their zoo. If I like what I see I’ll inquire about their membership that involves joining a conservation organization to gain free access to the zoo itself. It’s all Good!

10 Calumet Living Room 02

Thermostat Knob


3 thoughts on “All Is Well

    • I can only hold my breath so long. By then my eyes are watering and my lungs are bursting. I’ hoping things will change in Summer when the heat isn’t pushing the smoke from my neighbor to me. Also I can open the bathroom window to help air things out.

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