Expressions And A Service Dog

Candid Portraits are all about expressions. When you capture folks off guard you are freezing a moment in time, one that is likely to never happen again. Sometimes the surroundings dictate the interest or subject matter. Sometimes it’s the facial expressions that catch your eye.

In the photo below I started composing to capture a picture of the service dog this senior lady brought into the senior center in Uxbridge. I captured so much more when the dog’s owner came up with this unusual facial expression. As you view this photo your eyes can’t help but wander through the photo, picking up all that is happening in the shot. The young lady in the door entrance was captured in mid-conversation. The dog’s handler stood transfixed, watching me photograph the scene as I hurried up to the situation. Her dog was well train to sit on command. She was fascinated that I correctly guessed that the dog was a mix between a beagle and a pit bull. The dog, looking like she was in her twilight years, sat quietly, indifferent to all the activity around her. A moment in time, not unlike a Norman Rockwell painting of old.

Service Doggie 01



3 thoughts on “Expressions And A Service Dog

  1. The older lady reminds me of my mother, but not the FROWN. The only one that is really happy is the dog. Love that picture. Full of many stories.

    • I’m not sure I would read her expression as a frown. To be honest I can’t pick up any emotion from that most unusual expression. It certainly prompted me to take the shot.

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