A Walk Around The Block

seeing the temperature in the mid-50s and a bright sunny day I decided it was time to get out and explore my new environment today. I basically walked around a number of blocks taking in the Stanley Woolen Mill that’s being converted to office space and shops and then stopping to photograph St. Mary’s Church, part of Our Lady Of The Valley Parish. This Catholic institution send young volunteers to work at my senior center on Fridays and holidays. It’s a very majestic structure with a long history.

Then I crossed the street to pick up Oak Street, Cross Street and Bruce Street before arriving back at Calumet Court where I now live in a government housing unit, a one bedroom ground floor apartment.

On my way out of the complex I stopped in to peek at the laundry room inside the main office building. They have two washers and two dryers there at $1.50 each. I own two loads of clothes so I’ll need to try them out in the next few days. I bought a roll of quarters for that purpose.

Herbie's New Home

10 Calumet Court Laundry

Stanley Woolen Mill Sign

Stanley Woolen Mill Yard

OLV 01


7 thoughts on “A Walk Around The Block

    • The trades are busy remodeling it right now. Uxbridge has reused a number of mills in the area. The Crown & Eagle is an example of a 3 floor building turned into a senior housing complex.

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