OLV Volunteers

Each Friday the senior center in Uxbridge services fish for lunch. Other than special events this day of the week is always the busiest, with a turnout of about 45-50 on average. There’s generally a waiting list to get an opening. It’s unfortunate that 5 people who signed up didn’t show up and didn’t call to cancel. That left five pieces of yummy fish unclaimed and unpaid for.

We always get a local Catholic parish, Our Lady Of The Valley, to send us volunteers to help serve the packed house. They are young, fresh and eager to help. They stick together when they first arrive and break up into small groups as they spread out to serve our every wish. “Coffee, water, snacks anyone”? The seniors, some in walkers and wheelchairs, appreciate the service.

I showed the 3 girls that came over to our table to wait on us photos of their school friends from previous Friday volunteer groups. That brought out a hearty round of giggles as they personally know each classmate in the pictures. Now it was their turn to be added to the long list of photographed volunteers from OLV.

I’d like to personally thank the parish for sending us these delightful groups of teens that mean so much to our seniors as well as the staff at the Uxbridge Senior Center.

OLV Girls

OLV Girl 01


2 thoughts on “OLV Volunteers

  1. What a beautiful young lady and what a wonderful senior center. I hope the meals of those who paid and didn’t show up were given to those who didn’t have the money.

    • The $3 cost is a donation, not a requirement. The center receives very little government funding so waste is never an option. Pete, who ate with me at my table, had a double portion of fish to use those extra fish fillets. The meals are always so good I’m tempted to go back for 2nds if there are any but have refrained from doing so because the small portion sizes are what I actually need. I’ve never had a bad meal there.

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