Plans – I Got Plans

If you’ve ever had a space somewhere and wanted to utilize it to the max it may be difficult to find a gadget that will fit that space exactly. The solution, make the gadget yourself. such is the case with my room divider and my iMac computer. You see the opening in my divider is too low to comfortably sit in front of it and do Photoshop post processing for hours on end. I’m sure I’ll wind up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my shoulder, arm and wrist for sure.

I’ve got a tape measure, hand tools and woodworking skills so I thought I might just but some 1″x6″ pine shelving from my local lumber yard, have them cut that one board to my exact requirements, and build a stand to raise my iMac 5″ while providing an area under that stand for a pull-out keyboard shelf. Brilliant!

So now the fun begins, finding that nice 8′ long board 1″x6″ make a cut list for the yard man and assemble my stand/keyboard shelf. I hope my local lumber/hardware store has the perfect drawer slides for my pull-out shelf! I’ll let you know how it works out and of course photograph the project. “I love it when a plan comes together”!

10 Calumet Court Computer Area


Keyboard Shelf


4 thoughts on “Plans – I Got Plans

  1. Yes and I know you can make this work. You saw the TV stand Ron made for me that was a cabinet and TV better being higher. Waiting to SE it.

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