Photography For Seniors

rangefinder camera clipI’m in the process of putting together a lesson plan for a class full of senior citizens. I know yet their physical limits or experience with cameras. I’m thinking I will only briefly touch on their actual cameras as there are so many possibilities that nobody can everything about every camera on the market. The one requirement I will have is that they bring, or own, a real camera. Cellphone photographers need not apply for my class. The reasons are too lengthy to list here but I’m going to be teaching the art and science of photography not how to take snapshots with little or no control over the outcome.

I’ll start by using my own camera, the Fuji X-E1 as an example to demonstrate the actual parts of a camera. Since this is a basic photography class I won’t need to get too technical on the myriad of camera type through the years. I have 45 years of personal experience with dozens of different kinds of cameras, film, darkrooms and editing software. I was alive and involved in most of the different processes.

Thru Bob's Eye(s)  My goal is to open their eyes to the wondrous world around them, to change the way they perceive their environment. I want them to learn how to tell stories with their cameras, to relax and think about what they and their cameras are doing.

I’m ready to meet with the elderly connection director next week to discuss the class and let her see my lesson plan and hear what i have in store for the students. I’m open to any suggestions but since I’ve been teaching photography for many years you must start with getting to know your camera. If and when we goo on a photography safari I want them concentrating to taking the shot rather than looking for buttons and dials. I’m in no hurry. I can spend a few weeks or a few years working with anyone genuinely interested in learning more. Photography is addicting so the more you know the more you want to learn more.



2 thoughts on “Photography For Seniors

  1. This is such a wonderful idea and we are starting a class like this at our senior center next month. I am no longer able to get out and about like I was so I am happy for these lessons.

    • One thing I teach my students is to open their eyes to the beauty around them. We used to walk the zoo pathways and shoot 100 photos before we’d walk 100 yards.

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