A Round Of Applause

When a music school across the street from the Uxbridge Senior Center offers to send us a group of their singers to perform at lunchtime we say “sure”! Keep in mind some of these young ladies have never sung in front of an audience and we still enjoyed their fearless efforts. Shoot, half our seniors are deaf as a post anyway! 🙂

The young girls enjoyed their opportunity and we asked them to return to practice on us anytime. Sadly, some of our seniors are shut ins who relish any human contact at this point in their lives. The senior center strives to help old folk out, provide them a good meal and keep social groups strong and available to all at no cost. I find myself drawn there just because I can offer conversation and utilize my photography to put a smile on someone’s face now and then.

Relatives of the young singers were welcomed to the center to enjoy the performance along with the staff and seniors. We gave them all a rousing round of applause as they finished their second set after lunch.

A Round Of Applause

Casual Observer


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