Hooked On Volunteering

I usually tell people I don’t volunteer for anything but reality shows me I’m actually just the opposite. There was the I’m Hooked fishing campaign in June of 2015 where I photographed city kids at Hagg Lake, OR for Will Warren. That was a 3 day event. Then there’s church and the senior center in Uxbridge where I photograph every event and distribute the photos freely to those involved. And finally just last week I photographed 107 paintings for a local artist, Jack Keough.

When I lived in Portland, OR I taught photography to students for free for as long as they wanted to learn. I photographed all the Oregon Zoo animals and grounds and gave them to the zoo for whatever they could use them for. I also gave free tours in the zoo to total strangers, enriching their experiences because of my familiarity with the zoo and animals.

I guess being a volunteer isn’t all that bad! It gives me an opportunity to play it forward, to give back to society for all the gifts God has given me. I’m about to embark on a new adventure by teaching anyone at the Uxbridge Senior Center photography. That will be different for sure. Seniors can be wild and crazy and get totally out of control at times. I know, I are one! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hooked On Volunteering

  1. I considered myself a “professional volunteer” for many years- I had stopped working and filled everyday with different volunteer “jobs” Very rewarding to do so.

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