Warren Remodeling Edit

Since I teach photography I always like to keep around a few before and after edits just to show students what can be done in post processing with good software and the knowledge of its use. My best friend, Warren, sent me a selfie of his efforts to remodel his condo in preparation for sale. It’s a lot of work but he’s young and talented so eventually he’ll get it all done.

I wasn’t able to determine the kind of camera he used but I could immediately tell it had a wide angle lens causing the distortion in the original shot sent to me. I pulled it into Photoshop CC 2016 and was able to level the picture and correct for that distortion causing the vertical lines in the photo to collapse on themselves like a pyramid. A few other corrections and some vibration reduction applied to the original and you wind up with a better outcome.

Warren Remodeling Corrections

Warren Remodeling



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