Photography Course Set To Begin May 12

I had a meeting last week with Catherine Thornton, facilitator for the Uxbridge Elderly Connection. During that meeting I presented Cathy with a lesson plan for a 5-6 week basic photography course to be offered at the Uxbridge Senior Center beginning May 12 at 6:30 p.m.. We tried to address the special needs of seniors in our community along with the center’s unique ability to accommodate them. The center has their dining hall that seats 50 as well as a 16 passenger shuttle bus and a van to pick up and return passengers to their home and the center.

Depending on the composition of those signed up for the initial class the course will be adjusted by Mr. Bob Mielke to include everyone, novice to expert. Mr. Mielke is a contributing photographer to National Geographic Magazine and photographic instructor.

The article below was published in the May 2016 issue of the Uxbridge Times.

Photography Article


8 thoughts on “Photography Course Set To Begin May 12

  1. Good luck with it Bob. I guess that for the facilitator the object is not so much how much photography is learned but to offer some stimulating activity, also a good objective I guess.

  2. If it weren’t such a long commute, I would sign up. Perhaps you could post some of your photography tips as you go along, for those of us who are seniors but can’t attend your classes?

    • I teach best in person because photography is a hands on hobby and skill. Proper holding techniques are critical to producing consistently quality images.

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