Oregon Zoo Loses Golden Eagle

The Oregon Zoo has lost a bird.

Specifically, they are looking for a Golden Eagle named Deschutes the Eagle. Please be on the lookout for him.

He is a “strong flier,” the zoo says, but is also “blind in one eye,” which causes problems with depth perception required for things like hunting field mice.

Deschutes the Eagle is a fixture at the Oregon Zoo’s “Wildlife Live” education program at the zoo, in which children get to witness wild animals up close.

But while training for the program Tuesday, Deschutes the Eagle was beset by a murder of crows, and was harassed by them and frightened away. A day later, he has still not been found.

His caregivers are now searching for him south of Highway 26, near the Marquam Trail on the ascent to Council Crest.

Deschutes is an eagle rescue—found in 2004 after being struck by a car in an accident that left him half-blind and incapable of hunting successfully. He has been a resident of the zoo for the past 12 years.

“He’s not fully equipped to take care of himself in the wild,” writes zookeeper Michael Illig, “and he relies on us for his meals.” 

This does not appear to be an escape attempt.

According to Illig, “He caught some good air and landed in one of the big Douglas fir trees behind the stage. Before we were able call him back, a bunch of crows started harassing him, and they chased him off-grounds to the hillside across Highway 26.”

Though he’s equipped with transmitters, they haven’t yet been able to spot the bird. If you see him, please call 503-525-4221 and tell them where Deschutes the Eagle has landed.

“He’s a brown bird in a thickly forested area, so it’s difficult to spot him without telemetry,” Illig says. “As long as he can see us, he’ll come down. I’m sure he’s pretty hungry after a night out on his own.”

Deschutes Golden Eagle


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