Golden Eagle Found At Last

A Golden Eagle from the Oregon Zoo has been found safe and sound, after spending more than 24 hours out on his own.

Deschutes, the zoo’s only Golden Eagle, is the star of the popular “Wildlife Live” summer education program.

But Tuesday, during his first training session for the season on a new stage, he spread his wings a little too far.

“He just flew toward the stage and took a left turn and landed in a tree right near the zoo here,” said Michael Illig, the Animal Curator at the Oregon Zoo. “We were trying to call him by getting his attention, but he got mobbed by a bunch of crows and they drove him across the highway.”

Deschutes does have two small transmitters so his caretakers were able to narrow down his whereabouts to an area roughly the size of a city block. Then, the challenge was actually spotting the brown bird out in the wild.

“As the day went on, he kept on moving farther up the hill, and we don’t know where he spent the night,” Illig said.

Deschutes was finally recovered on the south side of Highway 26 Wednesday afternoon after his trainers found him up in a tree in a neighborhood off SW Patton Road in the Council Crest area.

Golden Eagle


7 thoughts on “Golden Eagle Found At Last

  1. Yes, it was a good afternoon yesterday when he was returned to the Zoo. He has no problem flying. But, he has only one eye so his depth perception makes it impossible or very hard for him to ever catch prey to survive in the wild. He has been known to over fly what the trainers wished he would do. I think this time he just got into a poor spot that the local crows deemed as their territory. But, all in all, a very happy ending for this precious critter!

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