I’ve reached a point in my stay in Massachusetts where I feel it’s time to make a few changes. I’ve lived here 7 months now and have already moved once into my new public housing unit. I’m very comfortable here and have the apartment set up the way I like it.

I’m not fooling myself the way I have in the past. The way I prefer to live I won’t be doing any entertaining of guests so I’ve stopped buying stuff to accommodate guests. I’m a loner and I accept that role.

I hung out at the Uxbridge Senior Center for 6 months or more and met a lot of nice people but I was also reminded that with the good there are also jerks, it’s part of life. One thing I’ve learned to respond to is the feeling of stress in my life. When some place, people or activity stops being fun it’s time to move on. Such is the case with the senior center.

I have activities I wish to explore and tying myself to lunch at high noon every day cuts down my options. I want to start going to the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA that opens at 10:00 on the morning. The weather is starting to get warm and sunny so I’ll be heading there in a day or so for the first time. I intend to buy a season pass so I won’t be limited on the frequency of my visits financially. There’s a huge difference between $55 a year for unlimited access and $18 a trip for one visit. This zoo is set up differently from my familiar Oregon Zoo so I want to explore those differences.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the drastic drop in the frequency and quality of my posts. There are a number of factors that have contributed to that situation. I want to get back to the things I love that include animal photography and eventually teaching photography one on one.

I want to explore more of my local area and enjoy the scenery around me. I have no feeling of home here and miss my friends in Portland dearly. I feel trapped here and alone. Hanging out at a senior center with a bunch of 80 year old women doesn’t help my enthusiasm either.

So look for changes in my life soon. I hope I get back my love of photography with these changes. Right now I have a hard time picking up my camera. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I agree with you that if something stops being fun you should stop doing it and going to the same venue every day does make it hard to do anything else. I am sure once you get back to being around animals again you will feel better.

  2. Wow! Bob I celebrate your changes!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic time at the zoo and looking around your area. Whatever. I miss you a lot!
    I have a friend age 81 who’s doing great. I think today she comes back from a 5 week trip to England where she is from. She went with her 2 kids. She came to US around 1960. Anyway, she looked at a retirement home; one of the most popular. Her response was…they sure were a bunch of boring people. She lives by herself out in Banks.
    I have been so exhausted this winter that I haven’t done much with my camera. But that is going to change real soon. Scott’s sister comes for a 6 day visit Thursday. We plan to go to all kinds of places including the zoo. Sharon wants to go on the Decadent Chocolate tour.Maybe we’ll go up to the Nesqually Reserve up in Washington. She says she’s up for the 2 mile walk to the ocean. We’ll take lunch. When Scott and I went there we got half way and were hungry for lunch so we turned back.
    Putting the house back together was a huge task and it was a great time to purge stuff. I had the veterans come 4 times in 2 weeks and am about ready to have them come again. It just makes things easier to see and clean. Do I miss the stuff … NO.
    Take care,
    Peace and Love,

    • As we get older we need less stuff. I enjoy woodworking as much as photography and motorcycling. It’s a throwback to when I lived with my family in our house in Ferguson, MO. I had a basement shop loaded with great tools and made everything. I’m limited on space and money now but am still accumulating the necessary tools to build almost anything. You don’t need a lot when you know what you’re doing. My one big advantage these days is time. I have more than enough time to build it rather than buy it. It’s a labor of love but in the end I know it’s not “Made in China”! 🙂

  3. I’ve noticed the drop in your posts and miss your photography. I think once you get out and explore the city and the zoo you will feel like yourself again. I for one, was looking forward to seeing your new home through your eye as I don’t expect I will ever get there. I would imagine there is lots of wonderful architecture?
    I think you are making excellent decisions to improve your mental health. My camera is my best friend. I get it.

    • In my 67 years on this earth I have many hobbies from the past. Motorcycling, photography and woodworking are the three main ones. I’ve given up motorcycling because of all the alcoholic, drug smoking, texting drivers out there. After 500,000 safe riding miles I no longer feel safe. Woodworking is difficult because I live in a government housing unit the size of a studio apartment. It’s big enough and comfortable enough for me but make woodworking difficult but by no means impossible. My photography has always been my backup hobby that ties to the other two. I’ll survive.

  4. Change is tough, as is winter. You’ve had a lot of both in the last few months, and this is hopefully just a part of the settling-in process. Once you get out among the animals, you should feel much better!

  5. Glad for you. It is hard to move like you did. I do not want to go into a retirement home to live because I am too active and want to do my own thing.b Bless you Bob in whatever you do. Have missed the animal picture from Oregon Zoo.

    love, Pat

  6. I somehow missed this post until today. I’m sorry to learn that things have been so negative for you since the move, but I’m sure you’ll land on your feet because you have the chutzpah to make it in the face of anything. And sometimes animals are better than people, so getting acquainted with the new zoo inhabitants will go a long way toward getting your photo energy back. I feel confident you’ll meet some more people during this better weather, and you’ll find a couple of genuine friends in the bunch.

    • There are always bad apples in any crop. I’ve met some wonderful people since moving to Uxbridge. Because of some of my life’s experiences my temperament is fragile, unable to deal with hateful, mean spirited souls that Satan sends my way to vex me. I’ll survive to build a new life here with new friends God is already sending my way.

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