My Birthday Gift To Me

Only I would buy the pieces and parts used in routing without yet owning a router. You see I’ve been here before, years ago, when I used to have a well equipped woodworking shop in my home. I know tools and know what brands to buy to get only the best. I have a very specific application for this particular router bit. I will use it to plunge cut the shelf for my new router mounted in my new router plate that I will pick up tomorrow. Again, I haven’t purchased the router yet. LOL That will be ordered and arrive hopefully before the end of this week.

I will use this bit to build a custom router table using a solid wood TV tray I have sitting in front of me. It’s brand new and made of solid wood in a butcher block style. That sturdiness will make for a very nice router table by the time I get it built. First things first though, first I need the right bit. Happy birthday Bob! LOL

Router Bit


TV Trays


9 thoughts on “My Birthday Gift To Me

  1. Ron built a router table also and know your work is very good too. Your probably better than his. don’t tell him. Glad you got the gift you wanted. Enjoy!!

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