Southwick Zoo – First Visit

Finally! I finally got the chance and will to visit the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA for the very first time. It couldn’t have been prettier! The zoo itself doesn’t open until 10:00 in the morning so the lighting isn’t very good for photography in general. Add to that the fact that all the exhibits are outside and it becomes tricky to catch things in the shade when there are no clouds. Either way I had a very enjoyable 1st visit. I received a map of the zoo upon paying my $18 senior discounted fee. That was quickly applied to my senior Earth Membership for a yearly total cost of $55. Now that’s a bargain when you consider I now get in for free for the next year.

I programmed the street address for the zoo in my gps and was pleasantly surprised to find it was less than 5 miles on back roads to get there. This zoo is out in the boonies as its 200 acres is spread out over rolling hills. It’s a beautiful place, without PlexiGlas windows and concrete enclosures anywhere. There is plenty of wire fencing which must be negotiated to get clean photos. I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem.

I didn’t stay very long as I am very sadly out of shape. It didn’t take long for these old legs and knees to get tired. I’ll try to work myself up to better get around. I found it amusing that they have an elk exhibit. I suppose to New Englanders elk are rare in these parts. Oregon had fields full of large herds of wild elk everywhere which is why they weren’t included in our zoo’s exhibits.

I’ll study the map given to me and see where I can wander on my next visit. I hope you enjoy seeing my first captures in my new zoo. 🙂

Bad Hair Day 01

Blue Bird With Headdress 01Groundhog 01

Rhino 01


17 thoughts on “Southwick Zoo – First Visit

  1. I am so happy to receive this post from you! The Zoo looks gorgeous and I think you are going to have wonderful times getting to know it. These photos are great!

  2. Wow! I love the photos. You are inspiring me to get busy. I ‘m been getting my camera ready for Sharon’s visit! I’m going to rest for a couple hours. I have to do grocery shopping tonight. I’m not going to do a whole lot because I think we’ll be out and about most of the time. She wants to go mini golfing at a laser light place. That ought to be interesting. I’m so glad the zoo is so close to you.
    Our zoo pass has expiried but I got an Oregon family pass that gets us in to 11 different neat places. It was $78. I’m sure we’ll get a zoo pass in the next couple months. Just money. We’re paying Hipolito an extra $100 to get caught up on the weeding. Hope it works.
    Take care

    • The Southwick Zoo does not have yearly memberships but does have memberships to Earth Ltd that gets you in the zoo for free. A one year Earth Ltd membership for a senior is $55 which I bought today. The rest of the year is free. Not a bad deal at all!

  3. That would be nice to visit. All outside and no glass with the dirty inside being harder to take pictures. I haven’t even been to Oregon Zoo to see the new elephant exhibit. Enjoy and love those animal pictures.

    • I saw some of the Oregon’s Elephant Lands exhibit before I moved. I must build up my conditioning to go often to this big outside zoo. I’m pretty sore from my short outing today but look forward to many more visits in the near future.

  4. Lovely pictures Bob, as the zoo is so close to you and you have your pass you will be able to enjoy frequent short visits until you have the stamina to walk around the zoo for several hours. I’m sure the staff there will soon get to know you too.

    • Imagine what I could do with an overcast sky, my favorite lighting? This was just a quick first visit where I bought my annual pass and got my feet wet. I like what I saw and will be a regular fixture there before you know it. 🙂

    • You should see the tiniest of chipmunks running around everywhere, in zoo displays and around the exhibits on the sidewalks. I’m going to have fun capturing their portraits.

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