Beware: Wild Animals

It’s an age old question: Is a parrot in a cage a wild animal? Is a chipmunk running around loose in a zoo a true wild animal? I have my opinion on this topic but I’ll let you, the viewer, voice your opinion.

I’ve mentioned before when walking through the Portland, OR Zoo the kick I used to get capturing wild birds sneaking in through the fence to steal food from kept birds. I used to love baby bunny rabbits and stellar jay that live in the zoo grounds yet are not on any list of zoo animals. They are truly wild.

I’ve quickly fallen in love with the wild chipmunks at the Southwick Zoo. They are tiny but lightning quick. Getting to capturing them standing still is a challenge for me, one which I readily accept. It’s at times like these that I wish Liz and Annette, my photography students back in Portland, could be here with me to go on another photographic safari, hunting “wild” animals! 🙂

Chipmunk 01

Chipmunk 02


9 thoughts on “Beware: Wild Animals

    • I still have the only other chipmunk picture I ever took. It was at Camp 18 Restaurant in their backyard. These smaller versions were only as big as a mouse and lightning quick.

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