Meeting New Friends

I’m 67 as of this past week. I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by friends that I believe make life special. I don’t make friends easily and I hang onto them for a lifetime. I still correspond with my friends from across our country and beyond. I try not to get too down when God gives me marching orders to pack up everything and relocate to strange surroundings and different people.

Since moving to Uxbridge, MA I’ve had people put along my path that have shown me great kindness and accepted me into their lives. Being a bit of a recluse I’ve struck out on my own exploring my new world, testing the waters for more new friends. I can always fall back on my friends, the animals I find at the Southwick Zoo as well as all the wild critters around me. It should not come as too much of a surprise that I love to photograph both people and critters.

In my very first visit to Southwick this past week I’ve already come across new animals to capture with my cameras. With my newly purchased annual pass I have few excuses for not getting back into shape by walking its hills. I look forward to my next visit which might just be today. 🙂

“There are no strangers, just potential friends”!

The New Guy 01


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