A Wallaby Sort Of Saturday

Today is the day I get outside and start building stuff. My first task is to build a router table to house my new DeWalt DWP611PK router that comes with a fixed base as well as a plunge base, making it a versatile tool indeed. After the table is complete I can move on to bigger projects such as a twin bed frame for the twin mattress that already on its way. I may have to put it on the floor until the frame is finished. I don’t want to rush the bed project because when painted and complete it will be a nice piece of furniture that should last for many years to come. I went for the practical design that’s attractive and sturdy. I’m not a lightweight!

Twin Bed

TV Trays Square

My router table is using one of my 4 folding TV trays that is built of real heavy-duty work in the butcher block style. All I’m using from that tray is the top. I’m building a base box to house the router under that top. The finished unit can be clamped to my workbench and stored away easily when not needed.




My 2nd zoo visit Friday yielded another half dozen keepers. The zoo has a number of wallabys that resemble small kangaroos. They’re housed in their own huts that are photogenic as well.

Wallaby House 01

Wallaby 01



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