“Pretty As A Peacock”

It basically means that the person is attractive or beautiful. The male Peacock are beautiful birds with long feathers in brilliant colorful hues that they use to attracts the female peacock. Therefore if you say you’re as pretty as a peacock you are saying that person is very pretty or handsome.

On my 2nd visit to the Southwick Zoo I captured images of two peacocks interacting as they strutted around showing their mate how beautiful they are. It’s quite a spectacle so I photographed the displaying male in all his glory. I’ve already gotten used to shooting through the openings in the chain link fences around many of the exhibits.

The bottom photo shows the jealous female staring at me saying “Don’t mess with my boyfriend”! LOL

Peacock 01

Peacock Staredown


5 thoughts on ““Pretty As A Peacock”

  1. Hello Bob,
    I’m so happy to see you are able to visit the local zoo at last (I understand it was closed during winter months). Peacocks always fascinated me, and still do! I love the expression of the female peacock – a photo is truly worth more than a thousand words πŸ˜€

    Best wishes,

    • I was certainly thinking of you when I started posting pictures from the Southwick Zoo. It’s a totally different layout than the Oregon Zoo located on 200 acres of wooded rolling hills. All the animals are outside which is one of the reasons they must close November-April with the severe New England Winters. I already bought a season’s pads so I can now go as often as I wish.

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