Comparing Porcupines

I’m not a porcupine expert! I have seen and photographed a few in my time just because they were on exhibit at one zoo or another. Nodine & Sharpie were of the African variety at the Oregon Zoo. I think they had the most beautiful cute faces. Now I’m experiencing a collection of American porcupines on exhibit at the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts, near my new home in Uxbridge. The zoo is less than 5 miles down a back road from where I live and I have sprung for a yearly pass that cost me just $55. I’ll be visiting that zoo a bunch in coming months.

So here is the first photo I’ve taken of an American porcupine followed by one of my favorite shots of Nodine & Sharpie at the Oregon Zoo,

American Porcupine 01

Sharpie & Nodine 4


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