The Saga Of Bob’s “Blue Mountain”

OK, I’ve been saving this post for that right time to spring it on y’all! For the past 10 days I really haven’t had a bed to sleep on. My Chinese made Fox Deluxe Super-Dooper queen size airbed developed a problem. It lost its shape. It’s no longer flat, you see, but rather is looking more like a giant blue mound that changes shape if you squeeze it. I’magine, if you can, trying to “mount’ the bed pictured below. There’s nothing solid about the entire thing. There’s nothing to grab onto as you must run and jump to the highest summit and hope you don’t bounce off into the brick wall or through the window to the great outdoors. Once successfully mounted you must center yourself quickly and remain perfectly still lest the air inside shift sending you rolling off onto the hardwood floors or worse. This has been my cross to bear for the past 10 days. Have I told you how much I hate Chinese made crap?

My solution to this predicament should arrive late this afternoon, a brand new twin conventional mattress I bought from WalMart online. With taxes and free shipping it cost me just under $100. Of course I’m sure it will be made in China as well but when you’re poor and living in government housing on social security you buy what you can afford. There’s no “Beauty Rest” mattress in my future.

I’m including a photo of the new bed I intend to build to hold my new cheap mattress. Until I can do so it will sit atop the deflated airbed on the floor. Might as well get some use out of that $135 piece of junk. 🙂

Twin Bed 01

Fox Queen Airbed Mountain


7 thoughts on “The Saga Of Bob’s “Blue Mountain”

  1. That bed is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine getting in it, much less getting up in the dark for a bathroom visit. I don’t know how you do it without rolling off several times every night.

    • Rolling off is the only way to get off of it. I got trapped between the head of the bead and the brick wall once. Now that was funny. Once I stopped laughing I pushed myself and the bed away from the wall to drop to the floor below where I could right myself. 🙂

  2. I laughed when I saw this picture, but then the reality of it hit me. I’m so sorry for your troubles. If I lived nearer to you, I’d help you build a bed. We built my daughter a loft bed several years ago. We used 5/4 decking boards. Worked like a charm! You just have to put a finish on them because the wood is treated. And I sooooo agree with your opinion about Chinese junk, and the predicament of us poor folks. Good luck with everything.

  3. I looked at the bed first before I read your note. First thought was you took a picture of yourself. Hmmm. Never heard of that from those air beds. In fact I slept on one at Carol & Greg’s several years ago. Better get busy with that bed frame.

    • Money, it’s all about lack of funds. I bought a number of power tools that tapped my available cash flow. I can buy some of the lumber & paint and start the project.

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