Alleluia, The New Mattress Is Here

The UPS guy was late delivering my new mattress last night around 6:00 p.m.. Better late than not at all I say. I was surprised as I saw him take it out of his big brown truck. I expected a twin size big flat box but instead what he wheeled out was this 18″ tall square box as tall as a two wheeled hand cart. Upon reading the instructions on the box the manufacturer stated the mattress was vacuum packed and sealed in a tight roll that would expand once you cut the bag open.

I carefully cut into that plastic wrapper and “pop”, the seal was broken and out came a new mattress. Think of it like the traditional safety raft on a ship where to pull a cord injecting air into the raft. That’s what my twin mattress looked like opening up in front of my eyes. Cool!

The mattress weighs 36 pounds and the box it shipped in actually had two wheels built into the bottom of the box like a piece of carry-on luggage you see at an airport. That was sure handy for the UPS guy and for me to maneuver the mattress exactly where I intended to open it up. 30 seconds later I had someplace nice to sleep. I wrapped the entire mattress in my queen size micro-fiber blanket before positioning it on my hardwood floor. Instant bed.

I did my prep work to prepare for bed and crashed on my new 5″ thick mattress along with my pillow and 2nd queen size blanket. I was as snug as a bug in a rug. I slept well last night for the first time in weeks. No more loveseat or sleeping atop a balloon shaped airbed.

My next step is to buy the lumber necessary for my new bed frame. I will build my new bed in stages as I’m out of money and can only afford some of the necessary wood and screws. I hope to have the rest of the cash on the first of June. I’ll build what I can until then and possibly get it painted to save time on the finally assembly.

That’s my story for now and I’m sticking to it. I’m sure I’ll look back on this episode in my life and laugh about the great blue balloon bed from China. I haven’t checked yet but I’m fairly certain my new instant mattress was made there as well. “Donald Trump will make America great again”! LOL Don’t we all wish that?


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