A Different Kind Of Zoo

Southwick’s Zoo is a sprawling 200 acre affair in a very rural setting. It’s collection of animals are on display in the great outdoors rather than concrete enclosure that are all manmade. Because of the New England snowy environment the zoo remains open from April to the first of November.

The pathways are asphalt and well maintained. There are manmade exhibits like the Elkhorn Mining Company which is a big hit with kids. There’s an overhead lift system in place to view the grounds from above the treetops. All the pathways are lined with thatched roofs that put you in a virtual jungle environment. It’s quite refreshing and photographic.

Elk Horn Mining Company Poster

Southwick Zoo Walkway 01


3 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Zoo

  1. Looks fun. We finally got to the zoo the other day with Scott’s sister Sharon. The new elephant exhibit and new barn and totally amazing. I’m looking forward to looking at my photos! We are all very tired. Sharon has been fun and goes home tomorrow.

    • I still have so much more to explore but I’m physically beat up from that intestinal bug I had for weeks and my adventures with little or no sleep when my airbed died. I’ll recuperate sooner or later but just not today. 🙂

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