Squirrels In My Backyard

It’s fun sitting right outside my apartment door with a camera in my lap. There are at least half a dozen squirrels and birds surrounding me at any given time both in the backyard and front. There are birdbaths and feeders everywhere with seniors taking care to keep them filled with food. Of course the squirrels are skilled thieves at robbing any fird feeder so the battle begins to scare them away. Ever vigilant the squirrels know it’s only a matter of time before the humans head inside leaving the feeders unattended.

I don’t feed them but I do photograph them. They know the humans here are safe to be around so they get very close indeed, usually within 5 feet or so. That gives me plenty of opportunities for closeups with my 55-200mm zoom.

Rocky 01

Rocky 02


2 thoughts on “Squirrels In My Backyard

  1. I’ve always loved watching squirrels. They do sometimes get overly brave which can be unsafe for them and humans. They’re great for photographers.

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