Birds Of Southwick – Volume #1

I completed my 4th trip to Southwick’s Zoo yesterday as we had one last beautiful day before the rain moves in this weekend. I had a fairly poor day photographically as I continue to familiarize myself with their animals. I took the high road to where the tigers, lions and cheetahs are located. I came away with only a handful of keepers but got plenty of exercise. 🙂

So far my best photos have included a few of their great bird collection. Everything’s outdoors so I must work a bit to get decent lighting and shoot the pictures between the openings in fencing surrounding the birds. The zoo has at least 3 colorful Macaws that I’ve seen and captured so far. As weather conditions continue to change with each visit so does my lighting. I just need to continue making many trips to build a portfolio of photographs. It take months and years to get a really good collection together. I’ve got time!

I spotted two magnificent owls tucked way back in a shaded area of their environment. Shooting between the fence links, under tree branches and around obstacles I was able to get one acceptable photograph so far.

One of the most photogenic birds I’ve captured thus far is the African Crowned Crane, a majestically beautiful large bird. His golden spiked hairdo is quite attractive. I’ve counted 3 Macaws that I’ve seen so far with more challenging lighting conditions to overcome. I file away the setup in my mind and will return on more overcast days when the contrasty lighting is not as severe. I hope you enjoy my first efforts at photographing the birds of Southwick.

Birds Of Southwick 01


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