There Be Zebras Everywhere

Memories of the Oregon Zoo came flashing back while walking the grounds of the Southwick Zoo. I actually came upon a herd of zebras grazing in an open field. What a stark contrast to the sterile manmade outdoor environment in Portland! As I’ve mentioned in my other posts about the Southwick Zoo everything is outside, the real outside.

There were no less than 6 zebras paired up enjoying the taste of fresh grass in their fields. The 200 acre sprawling habitat couldn’t be more natural than that! The pair I photographed below were truly enjoying themselves as well as the beautiful Spring day in Mendon, Massachusetts.

Thinking back to the Oregon Zoo I know they had two very old zebras that both passed away over the few years I was living there. Citation was the last to go and she was the oldest zebra in captivity. The zoo management had great difficulty obtaining more zebras and yet here in Mendon were six young, healthy specimen.

Oregon Zoo Zebras

Zebras 11x14

“Citation” – Oldest zebra in captivity passed away in May of 2013

Zebra Grazing

Young Zebras at Southwick Zoo

Two Zebras 01


6 thoughts on “There Be Zebras Everywhere

  1. It sounds like a great zoo, Bob. I love all three images, they are beautifully composed with lovel ylight and adorable creatures. The last one puts a bis smile on my face.
    Best regards, Dina & co

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