Three Chipmunks

Oh what fun! Since my first day discovering the Southwick Zoo I’ve fallen in love with the chipmunks. Prior to visiting this zoo I’d only photographed a chipmunk once, in Oregon. I’d seen a few on my Canyons of the Southwest bus tour back in 2010 at the Grand Canyon but didn’t get the opportunity to get a picture.

Now I’m surrounded by chipmunks, scurrying around your feet everywhere in the 200 acre outdoor zoo in Mendon, MA. They are certainly not shy or afraid of humans as they stay close to visitors hoping for a handout of snack food.

Being an animal photographer I’m accustomed to capturing fast moving critter but these tiny creature can really move fast. They’re only slightly bigger than a large mouse or small squirrel. Below you can see the three that I have captured with my camera so far. I love these little guys so look for many more photographs in the future.

Three Chipmunks


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