A Keeper

You never know when a grab shot will turn into a real keeper. During my walk through the Southwick Zoo yesterday I saw the two tigers, one a bengal and the 2nd a white tiger. The bengal was pacing around his territory as the white tiger was lying in a shady spot near some boulders. I liked the contrast of the white tiger location so I extended my biggest zoom, a 55-200mm F/3.55-4.8 Fujinon, my favorite lens. The tiger was a great distance away and I knew I’d be cropping to get a full frame look at him but I took half a dozen shots just in case. I was at F/8.0 at 1/170″ ISO 800 to keep my shutter speed up at that distance. The optical image stabilization of the lens helped as I handheld the shot as steady as I could.

The resulting shots really surprised me. They were sharply focused and retained a lot of detail in the white fur of the tiger. I did crop a bit in processing the image but because of the relatively low ISO for this camera I didn’t lose a lot of detail or pick up any noise. I had myself a genuine keeper.

In it’s final form I felt this was the best photograph I’d taken at the Southwick Zoo so far. I took a chance on the shot and it paid off.

White Tiger 01


12 thoughts on “A Keeper

    • Things have gotten better since giving up the senior center and replacing it with my new zoo membership. The zoo is 2.8 miles from me, so close I might be able to ride a bicycle there…………… NOT!!! Lol

  1. It’s great to see another of your big cat photos. I really liked the ones you took in Portland, especially Zawadi and his cubs.

    • I’ve actually met a couple from Portland, OR who are also National Geographic contributing photographers. Checking their portfolio they displays tiger shots of Mikhail in his cave. Mine were much better. LOL

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