A Frog’s Lucky Day

While at the zoo the other day I spotted a tiny frog hopping amongst dozens of school children busy hand feeding the Sitka deer in the Southwick Zoo’s forest. There certainly weren’t paying any attention to the tiny frog who stood a good chance of getting squished by the trampling children. I alerted the attendant of this area who quickly rushed over to pick up the frog, showed it to the excited children, then calmly too it back into the woods to release him in a safe area. Only after I processed my pictures did I realize how lucky that frog was. He was standing on a leaf with the lucky number 7 on it just as he was rescued. 🙂

Wild Frog 01


7 thoughts on “A Frog’s Lucky Day

  1. A lucky frog indeed. I hope he’s smart enough not to visit again. Maybe he just came to get his picture taken.

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