Southwick – Feeding The Deer

At the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA you can let yourself into a part of the forest occupied by dozens of Sitka deer. There you can buy handsfull of corn to feed the deer that will come running right up to you, eager to take the corn right out of your hand. Busloads of school aged children and younger are thrilled with hand feeding a wild animal. Their parents have their cameras at the reading as half a dozen deer at a time come running out of the woods to greet their kids. It’s quite a photo opportunity that is a big hit with visitors to this totally outdoor experience.

Feeding The Deer 01

Silka Deer 01

2 thoughts on “Southwick – Feeding The Deer

  1. Don’t know how it is possible to shoot one of these animals with anything but a camera! Beautiful photos!

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