Bob’s Backyard Squirrels 01

Seems like it was a good day for local critter photography even though it was a bad day to travel. Church didn’t work out today so I made the best of it on a glorious overcast day and did laundry. I was down to my last clean shirt so that was my clue to get with the progrm. I had just enough change to do one giant load which turned out to be everything that I had ready to wash. $1.25 to wash, $1.25 to dry. Perfect!

While I waited the 30 minutes to wash and 1 hour to dry I sat outside my apartment on my newly built bench and photographed 3 squirrels that were gorging themselves on the fresh clover in my backyard. They were oblivious to my clicking camera as they’re almost domesticated around here. Nobody messes with the squirrels, even if they do steal all the birdseed if someone doesn’t run them off. Still they’re quite used to dealing with a batch of senior citizens.

The birds got in on the act as there was plenty of food to go around this time of year. We just brought in Summer yesterday with the hottest day of the year, a record setting 95. That’s just one reason I’m grateful for an overcast day today. The other is a day 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. We’ll be getting rained on tomorrow to cool it down even further.

So below is a strip of squirrel pictures taken this morning while I waited for my laundry to finish. That laundry is all hanging in my closet or folded neatly on shelves. The clean socks get tossed in my 2nd basket. They’re all white so picking out a matching pair to use is a piece of cake.

Bob's Backyard Squirrels 01


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