Thanks to a young lady from Whitinsville this turtle made it safely across Highway 122. I was driving to church this morning when I came upon this strange scene, a lady standing in the middle of the road waving her arms. Had there been an accident? Were there people hurt?

It turns out that while walking Kimberely Casino came across this large female turtle digging a hole on the edge of the road. You see, the turtle was pregnant and had stopped to drop her eggs in a safe spot. Exhausted, it picked that spot to bury her eggs. The young lady walking had watched the final egg being covered up. The turtle was struggling as it tried to cross a busy two lane highway to get back into the woods. The good Samaritan had stopped to make sure she could make it safely on her journey home. Kimberely was warning oncoming traffic about that turtle in the road.

As I passed the two of them I realized what was happening and turned around to get photos and see if I could help in any way. By that time the turtle had traversed the road and just crossed the solid white line on the edge of the road. It was safe!

I thanked the Kimberely for her concern and help with the pregnant mother turtle. She wasn’t sure if it was safe to get close to the mother to pick it up so she waited patiently for the turtle to make it safely across the road, guarding her path from oncoming traffic. We both watched as the mother turtle slid quietly into the deeper grass at the edge of the woods.

Turtle On 122

Turtle Nursery


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