Backyard Squirrels Framed

I’m still looking for just the right photos to frame and hand on my apartment walls. It’s a small place so I want to do it right the first time. I have the means to easily make custom frames to hand and frames don’t cost much at all when you make them yourself. Below is the kind of thing I’m considering.

The frame can me made of any soft wood such as fir. You can distress the wood and bring out the grain by putting a blowtorch to it.That’s a cool technique I watched being done on YouTube. You then cut a bevel around the outside and apply either a stain or paint in the lighter color wiping it down and then applying a matt coat of polyurethane to it. Have you priced nice frames lately? Yikes! The pictures are square so you could just pick your size, 12″x12″ or anything you’d like and design the frame to fit. The one below is 28″x14″.

Backyard Sqirrels Framed 01


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