Guinea Pig vs Chipmunk

Here’s the question: Which are cuter, chipmunks or guinea pigs? Shout your opinions out on this one. Let me know why you pick one over the other.

Chipmunk 08

Guinea Pig 01


14 thoughts on “Guinea Pig vs Chipmunk

  1. Definitely Chippy! He’s a more alert and active animal, and has markings that define him as such — around his eyes, down his body and onto his tail. His markings also are more protective — he can defend himself! From a photo standpoint, the green accents are a nice touch, framing this little cutie! Though much the same shape, guinea pig sits in a box and eats.

    • Today was the first time I’ve seen or photographed guinea pigs. There were at least a dozen different colored ones living together in what appeared to be a dog house style box. They are awfully cute!

  2. Carol, daughter had a guinea pig and he related to her and she loved him. The bad part is that guinea pigs get colds with lung problems and hers die. eclipse of this. They really are lovable.

  3. They’re both cute, but I’ve never had a chipmunk as a pet. I did have a guinea pig, and he was the sweetest little guy ever. He would squeal whenever a family member entered the room, and he absolutely loved to be cuddled. If I was living somewhere that I couldn’t have a dog, but could have a “caged animal”, I would definitely get another guinea pig.

      • I think you can half-domesticate chipmunks, however. I know you can do it with squirrels. I once had a family of squirrels trained to come to the ledge of he bedroom window and take peanuts out of my hands. My kids that it was the greatest!

      • I used to sit on a bench in my backyard and feed Mallard ducks and squirrels. I often wondered what would happen if I laid on my back and poured a whole bag of peanuts all over my body? Death by duck, no doubt! LOL

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