“A Camel A Day….”

“…..Keeps The Doctor Away”! This post is dedicated to Liz Campbell, one of my dear friends back in Portland, Oregon. She and I attended a renaissance festival in Washington state where we came across camel rides being offered. Liz fell in love with the camel there.

While wandering through the Southwick Zoo Thursday I came across an exhibit I hadn’t noticed before, camel rides. The crew working the exhibit were using two different camels to offer rides to visitors. The particular camel in service at the time was big enough to carry two people at a time, one adult and one child. What fun! I’m sure Liz would love to visit this zoo complete with a herd of camels for her to love on at any time.

Liz & Her Camel In Washington

Liz & Her Camel

Camel Rides At Southwick Zoo

Camel Ride 01

Outrageous Camel At Southwick Zoo

Camel Profile 01

“Check Please”!

Check Please


3 thoughts on ““A Camel A Day….”

  1. I love to watch camels and their expressions. You sure captured them especially the second one showing his teeth. Not sure of his thoughts.

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