“Wild Thing”

The photos below triggered the memory of an old rock & roll song from the Troggs. I’m old enough to have been on this earth when it was released so bear with me if I get nostalgic here. 🙂

There are plenty of truly “wild” animals on the 200 acre Southwick Zoo nestled in the rural area of Mendon, MA. Between the birds, frogs, chipmunks and squirrels we’ve got a large menagerie going on there. I’ve only visited this zoo 6 times and already have a photographic collection going of this zoo within a zoo. If you recall I did the same thing back at the Oregon Zoo with my creation of “Bunnyland”. So here’s what I have so far! Some are wild and some are wild at heart. Enjoy!

Taste Stale To Me Mildred

Red Squirrel On A Post

Chipmunk 02

Wild Frog 01

Wild Thing Chipmunk


4 thoughts on ““Wild Thing”

    • This post work out great. You get to listen to the lyrics as you scan through the “wild” animals. I’ll need to work more on capturing the wild birds there.

  1. Hearing this song always brings back memories of my childhood. And your photos are wonderful. You have a knack for capturing a moment. I really enjoy your blog!

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