Birds, Birds & More Birds

It would seem the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA has quite a collection of birds, Macaws to be more precise. I’ve counted 5 so far and may not know the actual count without talking to some knowledgeable staff there. At first I thought they were just big parrots but was soon corrected from that idea.

Some of them talk as I found out during my last visit when someone said hello to me from around the corner. It was one of the red/white Macaws of course but it was pronounce so crisply it sounded human. Their vocabulary isn’t very extensive and not on command either. They talk when they feel like it.

As I become more familiar with the inhabitants of this zoo I hope to befriend some of the Macaws and get them to say hello whenever I’m there. 🙂

Blue Macaw 05

Green Macaw 01

Two Red Macaws 01

Macaw 03

Blue Macaw 01


5 thoughts on “Birds, Birds & More Birds

  1. As an animal lover, so happy you are back to doing what you love best and are able to share the portraits with all of us to enjoy!

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