Share Your World – 2016 Week 23

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)

I cut grass at Scott Air Force Base in my hometown of Belleville, ILL. This was not your average job cutting your neighbor’s yard but rather I started on Monday and cut in a straight line 8 hours a day until Friday when I turned around and cut another straight line the following week. Runways are very long.

What is your favorite month of the year?

That might have to be November because of Thanksgiving. Considering then it’s followed up by Christmas makes November just a special month.

What three things in nature do you find most beautiful?

The natural order of nature, birth, flourishing and then the passing to another generation.

List at least five of your favorite spices?

Cinnamon, nutmeg, curry, vanilla, paprika




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