And The Answer: Guinea Pigs

What zoo animals has pulled at my heartstrings since discovering them at the Southwick Zoo? The title of this post gives you the answer. I can see why so many people keep them as domesticated pets in their home. T certainly can understand a child’s love for the little cute, furry, cuddly animal. And then there’s that little face with a cute nose and BIG eyes.

Ok, I’m getting carried away here. The collection of guinea pigs I’ve been photographing for the past few weeks is just plain fun to watch. I get a similar reaction with the baby emu but I can’t get that scene from “Jurassic Park” out of my mind where similar critter could eat you. I’m hoping the guinea pigs won’t show up in a nightmare one night with fanged seeth and red eyes. LOL

Guinea Pig 02

Guinea Pig 03


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